Yearly vet visit for Lizzy

Today Lizzy had her yearly exam at the vet. We went to Patrick Air Force Base. The staff there are really super nice and they love Lizzy.

The tech gave Lizzy two vaccines. One in her left hind leg and other through her nasal. Which was interesting. And no it was not for the flu.

The doc comes in for a head to tail exam. Doc had to swab her left ear to see  what is growing. Ugh. Her left ear is all mucky and infected. Right ear just a drop. She is on ear wash once a week and ear drops for 10 days. I try to keep her ears fold back for air out.

Overall she is doing well. We will see them soon Lizzy’s monthly prevention meds.

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6 thoughts on “Yearly vet visit for Lizzy

  1. You get Lizzy seen at Patrick? How does that work? VA s/c related or retiree benefits related care? I’m paying through the nose for Caesar’s care via civilian veterinarian, he’s still in training so I don’t qualify for him through the VA as yet.

    • As a retiree we have base privledges. Such as veterinary care. I stopped fighting the va to get va service dog benefits for Lizzy. The Manhattan VAMC prosectic dept has be jumping through hoops. Not to much the horrible ordeal from the Brooklyn VAMC pt drs.

    • Fresh is better but I dont use alot. I buy the fresh dill than was and dry it on a paper towel. Once dried fold within paper towel stored in Ziploc in refrigerator.

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