New slow elevated feeder

Lizzy’s package from Drs Foster and Smith arrived today.

It is a single bowl, slow feeder. Which means she is to slowly eat/chew her food instead of vacuuming down under 60 seconds.

Why elevated? Great question. Deep chested dogs such as Labradors, Goldens, Shepards too mention a few, G-d forbid, get twisted stomachs.

This is a life threatening condition for immediate veterinary intervention. We should not know from these things.

Another reason why I purchase this type of feeder is her old bowl was constantly being pushed off her makeshift platform. And finally the eater bowl fits snuggly into the stand. This I was not plan; already thinking need to purchase. Thank G-d not necessary.

We will try it in the morning since the package arrived after dinner time.

May this bring Lizzy a pleasurable experience eating her meals.


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3 thoughts on “New slow elevated feeder

    • Drs foster and smith. Online. I got the medium one. Comes in 3 different sizes. On sale for about 18$. Well worth it. I did not want the double bowls. Takes up too much space for me. Check out tbe sizie chart to ensure proper one for Caesar. Good luck. My pleasure.

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