Grocery Shopping for Shabbat

Lizzy and I went food shopping for Shabbat.

Maybe be asking why shop now maybe better on Friday? As the days getting hotter, well into the upper 90°’s by mid morning, convenient to go as early in the morning hours as possible for Lizzy and I.

No wine but that is okay. I keep a stash hidden.

Cherries are in season grabbed a bag. I wonder if it is okay to sample one make sure their sweet?

Yellow squash looked good bought a little one.

Parsnips all tucked neatly in a bag. Produce clerk advises to cut and than freeze them. Good idea. Another project.

Finally what to do with fresh dill?  First time buying spoiled because I kept refrigerated too long.

Now I rinse well, shake excess water off, check for bugs in water. [  jewish law forbids us eating bugs ] and lastly dry on paper towels. I prefer small sizes for drying and easier for my Shabbat guest to enjoy in thier soups.

Once dried, this is usually several days, fold paper towel with dill, insert in zip lock bag. Into refrigerator it goes. Stays for a couple of months. Enjoy.


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