Smart Servicedog

As I am outside attempting to grow crape myrtles from root sprouts.

Lizzy is resting and relaxing in the cozy comfort of the air condition house.

Really dont blame her. As soon as I can will join her.

Here are several photos from today.

1. Temperature at 307pm. Somewhat hot. Once the temperature reaches pass the 90° mark it is just hot.


2. Here is a tree we had for over 30 years. This is what happens from the extreme heat and lack of water. Also if I remember correctly got struck by lightening years ago and was a home to ants.

Shame it was a pretty shade tree that I shaped into a lollipop. [ foreground is the dead tree and background is the crape myrtle ]

Add this to my project list: replacing this essential shade tree because of westward sunlight.


3. Lastly are the crape myrtles starters. Mom was able to start one from the original tree they purchase 35 yrs ago.


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