Service dog goes shopping

Well not without me. Her owner of course and a bag of treats.

Needed a bag of dog food. Current bag has several days of meals.

Off to Petco we go with 5$ coupon in hand.

The brand Canidae grain free bison on shelf was the small bag. Lizzy seems to enjoy its limited ingredients. Dilemma what to do?

Becomes a challenge. I could purchase the small bag of Canidae again for only to return 2 weeks again. Or order online which Petco will ship.

I made an Army command decision, purchase a different brand all together. As we are already in the store and the coupon is burning a hole in my backpack. [ just kidding american slang ]

As we are cruising the aisles, reading the ingredients for:
grain free
no chicken/pork/poultry fat
no milk
no eggs

Found Merrick limited ingredients similar to Canidae. Will begin the transition rotating her food.

She does not seem to mind the variety. She is a good girl.

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