Shopping Adventures

During our shopping adventures at several stores, we continue practicing our commands.

One command we practice is down stay come. It is a recall when I walk several feet/meters away from her, give the command ‘ COME ‘. Which she does well. Sometimes I give her a treat and other times not. Like to surprise her.

Another command is ‘ GET LEASH/LEAD ‘. As I am loading the shopping cart with the bags  and than swipe the credit card. Lizzy is in the down stay position.

Once we are ready I issue the command. Lizzy gets her Leash/Lead and positions it in my hand. As I am attaching it to her collar customers are looking with smiles on their faces. One gentleman gives us the thumbs up.

Great job Lizzy.

A service dog, [ working dogs such as military, guide, hearing, therapy ] their minds are ‘ ON ‘ position.

It  is important to provide down time for them. To rest from the stresses of working. Their minds and bodies get emotionally and physically drained.

Gave Lizzy a special treat when we came home.

Now we are resting. After shopping and the excessive heat. We need it. Lizzy earned it.

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4 thoughts on “Shopping Adventures

    • Yes. I do this to keep both us on our toes and paws. Lizzy had 1 and 1/2 yrs of training prior to us graduating as a team. We are a team of almost 4 1/2 yrs now.

      • I was thinking this is really training for both of you…which is good.

        On the topic of service dogs…when we went to Boston for the 4th of July, my favorite moment was seeing four tough, burly looking EOD officers in body armor coming up the road in a gator type vehicle. The service dog who sniffs out explosives was in the back seat between two officers and kept leaning over to lick her handler’s face. He did not look so tough anylore. – lol

        • I agree with you. Good to keep the skills fine tuned.
          That is so awesome. There is something special as on a bond between a handler and their working dog. When we get that kiss we turn to mush.
          Thank you for sharing your 4th of July experience.

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