Rain Barrel


Long time in the thinking, researching, planning, and purchasing process.

On July 1, I purchased two EarthMinded 45 gallon rain barrels. The packages arrived yesterday via UPS during one of Florida’s afternoon thunderstorms.

Today is the day for setup of at least one, possibly both if I push myself. My Mazal has other plans, the power cord is approximately 5 feet shy reaching the other downspout. Rainbarrel number 2 will have to wait.

I review the user guide, which is easy to follow with detail illustrations, for all the necessary included parts.

Off I go with beam level and drill in hand. Once the location and barrel is leveled, drilling two holes for the diverter hose connections.

Once again I double checked with level beam all is good.

This particular model is made from at least 30% post recyclable materials. It can be winterized however may forgo this as we have several weeks have below 40° temps. Made in the USA. I do try to support our local workers. Lastly, the lid can be converted into a shallow root planter.

An overdue project completed.

Enjoy your day.

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