Dry Spell

Just my Mazal no rain in the last two days since attaching the rain barrel.

Not to worry, from 1 June to 1 November we Floridians are in hurricane season.

Just wanted to try out the new rain collection system or simply rain barrel.

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2 thoughts on “Dry Spell

  1. Hi. Long time since I commented. I have a service dog I’ve taught myself; and have been following your blog. I like the rain barrel idea. We have alternate water use days here. I liked your article on the vest for the service dog. I have a vest for my dog with a handle for me to hold. (balance problems). After I read the blog I ordered three patches for the vest. Two that read service dog and one that reads do not pet. thanks for the reminder.

    • Good day. Thanks for the follow. Much appreciate it.
      Your welcome. Even though by ADA AND DOJ we are not required to visually identify our service dogs; for me it is helpful in the educational process. Also keeps it simple and easy for Lizzy and myself during our travels.

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