Backseat Driver ‘ Service Dog ‘

Lizzy and I spent the Shabbath with friends in Jacksonville. We had a lovely time. Wonderful to spend time with them.

As we are stopped at a traffic light, I quickly snapped this photo of Lizzy as she is my backseat driver. Resting on the job. Good thing we are less than 10 minutes from rolling into the garage.

People ask me if I use a seat belt dog harness or a travel crate for my service dog Lizzy.

I ask that very question during our team training. The owner / trainer Lu Picard said ‘ NO ‘ as she wants her dogs free in the vehicle if G-d forbid there is an accident. I read stories of dogs seat belted in getting all bruised. I suppose it can go either way.

Lizzy thank G-d is a good traveler. She finds here sweet spot. She gets the entire back seat.

Time for a little r and r. Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Backseat Driver ‘ Service Dog ‘

    • Most ECAD / educated canines assisting disabilities / are taught to stay in place. No bouncing allowed. FYI this is the organization where Lizzy and I graduated. Minimizes distracting the driver / handler.

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