New Mail Post

Time for a new mail post. The big box home improvement store cut the pressure treated post for me. Dad’s electric saw would not accommodate the 4 by 4 inch post.

First I measured my neighbors’ post from the grass line to bottom of mail box.

Than I added additional 2 feet for securing into the ground.

Attaching the newly repainted mailbox was the next challenge.

Using blue colored nails, which I was advised to use special nails for wood as ordinary nails will rust, I hammered an 2 by 4 by 12 inches long wood on top of the post. This will be part of the base of mailbox.

Next after the hole is dug, filled in with leftover cement, the post is inserted. Using a beam level ensuring the post is straight.

Finally bolt the mail box to the post.

Attached reflectors for greater viability at night and if a driver as any smart ideas, cinder blocks around the base of the post.

May not be the most fancy of fancy mailboxes it is simple like me.


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8 thoughts on “New Mail Post

  1. Nice job! The yard flag is a nice touch! Like the idea of the reflectors too.

    I just ordered a new mailbox that looks similar, but when you open the door, it has an inside locking door with a slot for the mail & a clip for attaching outgoing mail. Now I just have to get hubby or a kindly neighbor to help me replace our existing one that has a broken pull clasp (so the 4×4 is preexisting, thankfully!); & keeps getting messed with by local kids, who go around switching folks’ mail & playing with the mailbox flags. Our Postal Carrier is NOT amused!

    • Thank you. Nor are the homeowners neither happy. That is interesting a locking door within. Good luck with your new mail box. Anyway to reach out to their parents or get the word out / scare them / it is a federal law and they can go to jail?

      • I spoke to the mail lady about it. She stopped down by the landlord’s & registered a complaint with him, because she also needed to address the fact that 2 of my neighbors have also been parking their cars in such a way that it blocks the road, so she can’t come down & do her turn around the roundabout at our end of the mobile home park. (This also was affecting FedEx & UPS from making deliveries, as well as the VA transport wheelchair vans that come once a week to pick me up, & the city’s ‘share a ride’ accessible vans that I need to take me around town when hubby’s at work & not available). She was MORE than happy to take it on … because from me, the landlord would have likely just added it to his list of things to look into …. but you don’t mess with the postal carrier!!!

        • Hopefully this USPS complaint will resolve the issues for transport. Can one post a sign premises under surveillance? As a deterrent. This is true considering the USPS is federal.

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