Thunder and A Servicedog

Alot of attention with July 4th and fireworks effecting our pets, in Florida during Hurricane season we could potentially have tremendous amounts of thunderstorms from June to November.

This past July 4th had my mazal written all over it.  We had a major thunderstorm roll in on Friday night along with two days of fireworks.

As it was also the Sabbath what could I do to comfort Lizzy? Our pets they too observe the Shabbath day.

I have Richard’s Organics which is great with its own dropper. This came in handy as I was able to give it to Lizzy on the Shabbath hoping to calm and relax her.

Maybe wondering does it work? As far as I can tell she is not panting.  Panting can be a signal for stress in a dog if they are not over heated. Lizzy still will not venture out until all is clear though. A work in progress.

Some days I add Richard’s  Organics to her dinner meal as this is usually when we get our late afternoon thunderstorms. This way gets a jump start on the calming process.

Today was an exception as G-d’s plan was late morning storms. Water is a blessing. Enjoy

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