Fake Service Dogs

Daily Life of Bonnie The Dog

27th July

Today, when we were doing some shopping, my Person and I had our first run in with the dreaded Fake Service Dog.

While sitting outside, waiting for my Person’s blood sugar levels to come back up and for her head to stop spinning, we saw a lady carrying a fluffy little Chihuahua like dog. The dog wasn’t wearing a collar or a lead, but it was wearing a jumper like coat. It spotted me and started barking and growling and trying to squirm out of its owners arms. The lady gave her dog a pat and walked away. So we figured that was the end of it.

But later on when we were walking around the shops we saw the pair again. We didn’t go near them, but did watch to see what was going on. Because of the dog’s behaviour towards me earlier my Person knew that…

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3 thoughts on “Fake Service Dogs

    • Unfortunately service dogs are not federally regulated. Up to each state to create their own laws. Same as if my service dog gets attack by another dog the owner is liable. Such as felony or misdemeanor depending on which state it happens in.
      Yes all is well with us. Thanks for asking.
      Enjoy your week.

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