Service Dog meets Bass Pro Shops

Today was an interesting day at Bass Pro Shops.

Why you my ask?  Bass Prio Shops is animal friendly. All the smells is a smorgasbord for Lizzy.

I came prepared with treats. Only used half of the portion which is good.

We seen several dogs and we heard them bark. Lizzy’s ears perked up and forward as she is tracking. I am redirecting her back to heel / left side postion.

Last year taught her a new command ” Tracking Stop”. There are times her strong sense of a nose takes over and it is my job to redirect Lizzy. Sometimes I issue the command ” Watch Me “. At which point Lizzy sits and watches me. Give her a treat, pant her head, say ” good girl “. This is another redirecting technique Lu Picard from ECAD suggested to use for Lizzy.


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5 thoughts on “Service Dog meets Bass Pro Shops

  1. We have a Bass Pro Shops here and there are so many displays to look at, that it is almost like a taxidermy museum. I can imagine it would take a great deal of self control for Lizzy not to get distracted.

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