Servicedog and Rain

When the outside pressure changes Lizzy goes under table. Makes herself comfortable. Usually this means rains are coming.

Not science proven nor religiously. As an Observant
Jew all comes from Hashem.

Shortly afterwards the skies opened with thunderous sounds of rains.

Once I sat down on the sofa, here comes Lizzy waltzing towards me. I issue command to load for her to join me on the sofa. I think this makes her feel secure.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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4 thoughts on “Servicedog and Rain

  1. My sale knows when thunderstorms are coming well inn advance. She hides in the kitchen up against the stove. I know not to plan anything outside until the storm has passed. 🙂

    • It is amazing how they know, an innate, part of their nature.
      I hear yah. I try to do our shopping first thing in the am hours firstly it is relatively cooler and secondly storms are after 11am into the late afternoon.

  2. My dogs, too. Some just take it and seem as though it’s OK, but it is always a position under a chair or table here, too. I did have one doggy friend who shook and I bought her a coat that fastened around her midsection that was supposed to help. It did… no more shaking. But! Like you say, as soon as I sat down all three were up with me! 🙂

    • Must some way comfort and protect them under an object. Wonder how those jackets work. I have actually leaving Lizzy’s vest on her most days now. Maybe need to adjust it more. Glad your pups are doing ok.

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