Service Dog Takes Ferry

A ferry to Staten Island from South Street Manhattan with Florida cousin Bonny.

We met two law enforcement working dogs. Both labradors, one black and one yellow. Both English. Funny the yellow was tracking Lizzy and the black was busy curling for the down position. Did not notice Lizzy until we were approximately 20 feet. Than stood and barked.

One way on ferry to and fro. Need to disembark for return.




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2 thoughts on “Service Dog Takes Ferry

  1. I’m surprised about the bark from the LE working dog. Normally ‘sound’ is something they might use for specific alerts or actions. The tracking dog obviously was alert and when not perceiving a threat, saw no reason to issue a ‘warning’. Interesting. Wonder if the ‘unaware’ one was warning handler, or warning you off, with the stand & bark action? Curious as to what their handlers were doing at the time (as in, did they notice you too or just the dogs noticed until the one dog stood & barked?)

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