Service Dog Visits The MET

Today’s blog post is me, Lizzy, the servicedog, giving my human time off.

This is the second opportunity to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was fortunate to have an entourage. How cool and lucky can a servicedog be.

My Aunt Debbie and niece schlepped in from West Point. Along with my cousin Bonny from Florida, friend Esther and Rochel. Wow!, So exciting.

Thanks to the Blue Star and National Endowment of Arts for sponsoring free Museums during tbe summer months.

My owner/handler/human/mom is retired army as she was able to get all of us for free. She did give a donation.

At end of our visist, around 5pm ‘ish, we were tired and ready for bed.

Below are a few photos.

Asian wooden treehouse headress.


Ballerina painted by Degas. This one is for my niece who is taking ballet lessons.


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4 thoughts on “Service Dog Visits The MET

    • Thank you. Yes we did. My mom asked if I needed to be checked at the security table as the guard searches the bags. He glances over towards me and mentions that is ok. That is the best part going through security, the pat down.

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