Pond In Backyard

Here is a photo of our backyard. A pond compliments of Hashem, City of Palm Bay, and Brevard County.

Our local government neglects enforcement of engineering plans for proper grading of stormwater run off leading into easements and property lines.

As I was deployed to Afghanistan in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom, the housing boom created a volitle health situation.

The City of Palm Bay was kind enough to send a crew to take measurements of surrounding property.

Conclusion our local government can do nothing about this situation. The damage is done and it is up to the homeowners to fix the errors.

Will research the best trees and possibly a rain garden.


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9 thoughts on “Pond In Backyard

  1. Hi. Don’t know about Florida, but up here willow trees suck up a lot of water and help dry the surrounding area. Asks your local cooperative extension. Tongue in cheek, koi are always nice. 🙂

  2. I’ll ask my daughter to research options for you Leslie 🙂 … and one thing about willow trees, for that ‘small’ of a wet area … you also want to have only one … and it should be at least 50′-75′ from other water resources … the roots do spread & can break through drainage & supply pipes & concrete! (saw it in England, a LOT! in historic Victorian ornamental landscaping!).

  3. You have the right attitude, turning a negative event into something positive. Keep us posted on what you decide to do with the “addition” to your property. Our daughter and her family (she gave birth to her 5th child, bli ayin hara, this past motzai Shabbos) moved to Broward County this summer. Home schooling was no longer an option, and the kids are very happy in the schools they now attend. Your posts and pictures remind me of a place that is even more special to us now. Kesiva v’chasima tova!

    • Trying. Learning which battles can be won. This battle with the city / county not worth it.
      Mazal Tov on the new baby to your family.
      Tough decision home schooling.
      Broward has large Jewish Community.
      May they continue to be blessed in only good things in life.
      Guta Yom Tov. Be blessed with only a good and sweet years.

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