Wrong or Right Dog Left In Car

I made a decision today when Lizzy, my service dog, and I were walking to my VA appointment.

A veteran left their dog in a vehicle. One window up and the other half down. At 900am this morning the outside temperature was already 88°s.

I approached the VA security which by the way are hired outside agency not VA Police employee.

An attempt to right a wrong, give the veteran opportunity. The security was rude, unprofessional and refused to assist.

As a soldier and a service dog handler, I took a command position to call our local sheriffs.  They assured me someone will respond.

I could not sit by idle while this dog is in a hot vehicle. Regardless if window is open more than 4 inches. The heat is unbearable for people even more so for our 4 legged pets.

Dont understand why people cannot leave their pets home.

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2 thoughts on “Wrong or Right Dog Left In Car

    • I try to have owner do the right thing and in this case unfortunately the VA security woyld not issue a building page.
      Been too many stories and tragedies with children and dogs left in hot vehicles here in Florida. No excuses.

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