Service Dog Meets Cousin’s Cat

Lizzy is a good trooper when we visit our cousin. Why you may be asking yourself?

She has a cat who is about one years old. Her name is Jetta.

Long story short how she got the name. Cousins’ son found the kitten in the wheel well of his Jetta he was rebuilding at the time. When the Veterinary Doc says it is a girl Jetta is her name.

Back to the saga of a service dog and cat. Jetta attempts to play with Lizzy and she does not want to play. So Jetta tries all different shenanigans to get Lizzy’s attention.



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4 thoughts on “Service Dog Meets Cousin’s Cat

    • That is only a fraction of what the kittie does to her. Thank goodness no war wounds. Lizzy mostly tolerates her. Trying to encourage her to play. Mostly she keeps her distance.

    • No Sir she does not. Her first home weekend visit, during her teaching for service dog, the handler had 2 cats and 1 dog. She learns to tolerate her “cousin”.
      Thank you for stopping by my blog. Appreciated.

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